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At Chameleon Cold-Brew, we believe our coffee is for the dreamers and do-ers; those inspired by their cold brew buzz to make the most out of every day. Throughout The Makery, we profile not only specific makers in the area, but also post information on how Chameleon Cold-Brew can benefit the maker in each and every one of us.


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Take the Cold out of Chameleon Cold-Brew

October 30, 2017
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Photo Credit: @tallulahalexandra

Well the weather outside is… weather, unfortunately, for the Chameleon crew down here in Austin, Texas. For the rest of the country, however, November marks the beginning of leaves falling and temperatures dropping. While our name may trick some, Chameleon Cold-Brew is a coffee enjoyable either cold OR hot.

Our Texas Hill Country water soaks Chameleon beans in room-temperature water, creating a one-of-a-kind, smooth and flavorful coffee ready to enjoy either cool or warm. So bundle up in layers, dust off your boots, and read up on how to take the cold out of Chameleon Cold-Brew coffee.

1. Heat cold-brew coffee on a stove

Warm up your Chameleon Cold-Brew on the stove with this toasty recipe.

The key to heating up your Chameleon Cold-Brew on a stove is quite simple: do not let your cold-brew boil! Blend 6 oz. of Chameleon Cold-Brew concentrate with 6 oz. of your liquid-of-choice and let the heat begin to work its magic. Make sure to take your hot Chameleon blend from the stove before it starts to boil, so taste is not compromised. Take a deep breath and press the mug to your lips for a warm, comforting brew that will travel from your mouth down to the tip of your toes. If looking for a toasty recipe (pun intended!) get our Campfire in a Cup details here

2. Warm Chameleon Cold-Brew with a tea kettle

If your liquid-of-choice to mix with Chameleon Cold-Brew is water, this may be the method for you. Pour 6 oz. of water into a tea kettle, and once heated, pour it into a mug with 6 oz. of Chameleon Concentrate. Voila! The cold-brew is hot and ready to warm you up.

3. Make cold-brew coffee hot with steamed milk

Warm up some of your favorite milk (or non-mylk) and pour it into a cup of Chameleon Cold-Brew.

Have some extra time in the mornings? Crave a fancier method to heat your cold brew? Say no more! Take 6 oz. of your favorite milk (or non-mylk) and steam it in a glass. Pour equal parts of Chameleon Cold-Brew into a separate glass, and blend both liquids together for the perfect mix of hot deliciousness.

4. Add heat to your cold-brew coffee with a microwave 

Chameleon Cold-Brew is made for the maker in everyone, so we understand if time is of the essence in your everyday schedule. Simply blending your concentrate and liquid-of-choice into a mug and heating it up in the microwave will do just the trick. We recommend no more than one minute to ensure the most flavorful taste.


In need of a quick, HOT recipe? Follow the step-by-step video below and create our Chameleon Cold-Brew Maple Clove Butter Latte.