Our Commitment to Long-Term Sustainability

The world we share needs us to be its caretakers. It's our responsibility not just to protect the places and people that grow our coffee, but to protect the planet and communities we all call home.

True Quality is Rooted in Compassion

Our mission is to develop long-term economic, environmental, and social sustainability through compassionate leadership throughout the coffee supply chain.

Cenfrocafe Coffee Quality Lab
San Ignacio, Peru

The newly constructed Cenfrocafe Coffee Quality lab in Peru features specialized equipment and a formally trained Q-Grader, who will be able to evaluate coffee quality and provide real-time feedback to farmers throughout the growing and harvesting season, ultimately improving the value proposition for the farming community. Chameleon will further partner with the community by participating in locally held town hall meetings to identify additional needs that will inform a phase two of this project.

Myanmar Organic Agriculture Initiative, Myanmar

Chameleon’s second project, the Myanmar Organic Initiative, is also underway with the intention of supporting Myanmar’s efforts to certify organically grown coffee. While much of the coffee is produced using traditional organic methods, very little is certified and exported as organic. The company will retail a limited number of small-batch, micro-lot coffee from Myaing, Myanmar – aged eight weeks in FEW Bourbon barrels – with 100 percent of gross proceeds benefiting Myanmar communities for organic-focused projects. Chameleon’s Whiskey Barrel Aged Myanmar Whole Bean Coffee can be purchased here.

Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Chameleon's project in Guatemala will focus on establishing a rural coffee training center to help share knowledge and technologies to improve the living conditions of the producer in a sustainable way. Through our focus on innovation, replicability and sustainable development, we hope to improve their productivity, quality and commercialization of their crop, thus directly translating to the well-being of their families.

Tolima, Colombia

This collaborative project aims to enhance the development of productive activities with the acquisition of mechanical drying equipment called the “Guardiola” to assist with the consistent production of specialty organic coffee.

Tolima, Colombia

Chameleon's project will help reinforce the development of sustainable productive activities through the implementation of agroforestry systems, support of coffee crop productivity and improvement of productive infrastructures for the production of specialty organic coffee.

World Coffee Research Partnership

World Coffee Research is developing the next generation of high yielding, resilient coffee varieties, while increasing quality in the cup. In addition, WCR is conducting the first global research to drive best agricultural practices, minimize inputs and environmental impacts, and maximize farmer incomes.

In June 2018, Chameleon will officially partner with World Coffee Research as a contributing member through its checkoff program.


We don’t just make great coffee, we do it in a way that makes us proud to stand behind every bottle.