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Vanilla Mocha Chia Pudding

Upgrade your overnight breakfast creations with our sweet and colorful Vanilla Mocha Chia Pudding recipe made topped with berries.


  • 4TBSP chia seeds
  • 12 cup Chameleon Mocha Cold Brew On-The-Go
  • 12 cup milk of your choice
  • 2TBSP maple syrup
  • 1 vanilla bean, seeds scraped
  • 12 tsp cacao powder
  • 12 cup yogurt of your choice
  • 12 cup fresh berries


  1. 1. Stir together milk, vanilla bean, 2 tablespoons chia seeds and 1 tablespoon maple syrup.
  2. 2. In a separate container, stir together Chameleon, cacao, 2 tablespoons chia seeds and 1 tablespoon maple syrup.
  3. 3. Let soak for 3 hours or overnight.
  4. 4. Layer puddings and yogurt then berries and any extras you love!
  5. Recipe Vanilla Mocha Chia Pudding