Hero Banner Toasted S’mores Iced Coffee Recipe

Toasted S’mores Iced Coffee Recipe

Bring the campfire to the kitchen with our Toasted S’mores Iced Coffee recipe made with Chameleon Cold-Brew Mocha Coffee Concentrate.



  1. 1. Broil mini marshmallows until golden brown and let cool before moving. Careful to watch them while broiling to make sure they don’t burn – unless you like them that way!)
  2. 2. Blend Chameleon, cacao, milk, ice, 1 graham cracker square and honey.
  3. 3. Fill glass with a ½ cup toasted marshmallows then top with Iced S’mores Coffee.
  4. 4. Top with remaining toasted marshmallows and your other square of graham cracker, crumbled.
  5. 5. Drink with a boba straw or spoon!
  6. Recipe Toasted S’mores Iced Coffee Recipe