Whiskey Barrel Aged Myanmar Whole Bean Coffee

Purchase with purpose when buying our limited-edition, Myanmar Whole Bean Coffee aged in FEW Whiskey Barrels.

This partnership was crafted on the foundation of investing directly in the coffee farmers of Myanmar, with 100% of the gross proceeds going back to a community in Myanmar for organic-focused projects.

With only 500 batches for sale, our unique, one-of-a kind coffee experience infuses rich tastes from both Chameleon Cold-Brew and FEW spirits.

This coffee features flavors of ripe red fruits, with a silky wine-like body, pairing perfectly with the fresh, boozy, oak aromatics from the aging process, which carry through to a distinct vanilla-laden whiskey exhale.

By purchasing this unique whole bean coffee, you are helping a community in Myanmar become certified organic, which we hope will allow the producers to pursue an additional option to gain value for their amazing coffees.

Free shipping included when you purchase the Whiskey Barrel Aged Myanmar Whole Bean Coffee.

Ingredients: Whole Bean Coffee

Units: 10 oz. bag


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Sustainability is at the core of Chameleon and drives what we do.

Your whole day just got better.

Brew your morning coffee just the way you like it, and support coffee communities in Myanmar at the same time.

Whiskey Barrel Aged Myanmar Whole Bean Coffee

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