Summer Mornings are for Rose Lattes

September 06, 2017
BY: Team CCB

If you’re still starting your day with a regular old cup of coffee, take note: there’s a new latte in town, and it’s powered by roses. That’s right, summer’s buzziest caffeinated treat is a delicious concoction of coffee, rosewater, honey and steamed milk, with rose petals sprinkled across the top. The drink caught on at Bia Coffee in L.A (of course), where petals are steeped in sugar for three days to create a concentrated floral syrup.

Getting our buzz on with a flowery, beautiful drink is the ultmate summer indulgence — and something we absoluely plan to serve at our next girl’s brunch —  so naturally we needed to sort out how to make them ourselves. The recipe below (spotted on our fave cold brew coffee’s Instagram feed) is an easy at-home replica — don’t skimp on the rose petals, as they totally add a lovely floral texture to the whole thing. 

Find our recipe here: 

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