Meet Vance Henderson, U.S. Brand Ambassador for Drambuie

October 18, 2016
BY: Team CCB

Tell us about the latest cocktail creations you are launching using Drambuie.

The first major partnership has been with Chameleon Cold Brew coffee, out of Austin, Texas. We are in a season now of really showcasing the versatility of Drambuie and just how it well works in so many different realms. With Chameleon we partnered to create a home delivery package kit through Cocktail Courier, where consumers can go online to purchase the kit to make these cocktails at home. The lead cocktail for this particular package is the DRAMBUIE x CHAMELEON Java Royal, which is very simple to make and uses Drambuie, Green Chartreuse, Chameleon Cold-Brew Vanilla Coffee and some candied ginger. It is absolutely fantastic. We put together a whole entire menu of cocktails that showcase the popularity of cold brew coffee and again the versatility of Drambuie- highlighting how the bold flavors, warm notes, and herbal tastes of the coffee coupled with those of Drambuie really fair well together. Also, with traditional coffee cocktails, you’d think of hot coffee with some type of spirit added, like a cordial you’d pour into it, whereas we riff off of that. These are coffee cocktails that you can drink on the beach or that are great with brunch, plus they are easy to make at home. They do a phenomenal job of breaking up that notion of what coffee cocktails are supposed to be and how they taste.

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Chameleon Cold Brew
Publication: Meet Vance Henderson, U.S. Brand Ambassador for Drambuie
Written By: Chilled Magazine
Date Published: October 2016