JLB Picks: 5 places for summer cold brew

June 10, 2016
BY: Team CCB

The feature discusses how finding cold-brew was hard to come across a few years ago, and includes a list of where one can find cold-brew today. Publix Supermarket is included in the roundup, mentioning that the Chameleon Cold-Brew sold there is currently the editor’s favorite.

Publix: A couple years back, asking someone at Publix about cold-brewed coffee meant blank stares and tilted heads. Now the Florida-based grocer has an entire section devoted to it — or at least the one at Colonial Boulevard and Summerlin Parkway in Fort Myers does (over by the creamers). I’m working my way through it. The Chameleon Cold Brew from Austin, Texas, is a current favorite, but summer is young. (locations throughout the area; publix.com)

Chameleon Cold Brew
Publication: JLB Picks: 5 places for summer cold brew
Written By: news-press.com
Date Published: June 2016