Fresh New Cocktail Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

March 20, 2017
BY: Team CCB

We’ve certainly been known to love a “wee little bit” of Irish style fun around Rural Mom, so naturally, we’re bringing you some fresh new cocktail recipes for St. Patrick’s Day.  Set aside the green beer and tempt your taste-buds with one of these five fabulous, sophisticated-yet-easy-to-make drink recipes to celebrate.  As always, please drink responsibly and enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day festivities!

Irish Coffee

Originally featured on Chameleon Cold-Brew’s Instagram account: @chameleoncoldbrew.

By Chameleon Cold-Brew and Drambuie

1 oz Drambuie
.50 oz Tullamore DEW
2 oz Chameleon Mexican Ready-to-Drink Coffee
3 Dashes Angostura Bitters

1. Combine with ice, shake, and strain into coffee glass.
2. Up-Top with Whip Cream and Cinnamon Dusting


Chameleon Cold Brew
Publication: Fresh New Cocktail Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day
Written By: Rural Mom
Date Published: March 2017