Fourteen cures for the summertime blues

July 08, 2016
BY: Team CCB

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10. Cool your brew

When the heat index is 105 degrees at the crack of dawn, the last thing anyone wants is scalding-hot coffee. A cuppa cold brew is a refreshing way to start a summer’s day. And have you checked your grocery-store shelves lately? Chilled, ready-to-drink coffees are hot right now. The best around comes from Chameleon Cold-Brew. Chameleon Cold-Brew concentrates can be stirred into milk or nut milk for a creamy morning latte, whirled into smoothies, frozen into popsicles or even poured into cocktails for a delicious java jolt. And new this summer, a Texas Pecan concentrate bottles one of the most iconic flavors of the Lone Star State.

Chameleon Cold Brew
Publication: Indulge Luxury Magazine
Written By: Jenny B. Davis, Stephanie Allmon Merry, and Courtney Ortega
Date Published: July 2016