Drambuie Brings Richness to Classic Cocktails

February 28, 2017
BY: Team CCB

Good coffee cocktails can sometimes be hard to make. Best rule of thumb is to start with a good quality coffee like Chameleon Cold-Brew. Pairing it with classy ingredients like this liqueur, makes it possible to create a drink that allows great use of a good coffee’s rich complexity yet slightly bitter base.

½ oz Green-Chartreuse

1 oz Drambuie

3 oz Chameleon Vanilla Cold-Brew

Candied ginger

Combine chartreuse, Drambuie and coffee in an old fashion glass filled with ice. Garnish with a cube of candied ginger.

Java Royal Cocktail

Chameleon Cold Brew
Publication: Drambuie brings Richness to Classic Cocktails
Written By: Flicks and Food
Date Published: February 2017