A Definitive Guide to Bottled Cold Brew

June 06, 2016
BY: Team CCB

Whether you’re on the go and need a little something extra to rev your engine or just want something cold, cold brew never fails to hit the spot. Most grocery stores carry the stuff, so skip the line for your daily americano and roll through any nearby convenience store for a quick fix . In honor of the warming weather, here’s your definitive guide to the most potent of all the sweet nectars– bottled cold brew!

Chameleon Cold Brew

Lots of higher end grocery stores carry this stuff and it comes in a big bottle, so you can stick it in your fridge for repeat servings. If you’re lucky, you might even find it in different flavors like vanilla and mocha. This Austin-based coffee concentrate doesn’t mess around– crack open a bottle to share with friends at the next BBQ, real Texas style.

Chameleon Cold Brew
Publication: A Definitive Guide to Bottled Cold-Brew
Written By: Seattle Refined
Date Published: May 2016