Best Bottled Cold-Brew Coffees Our Editors Swear By

April 24, 2017
BY: Team CCB

Stocking up on cold-brew coffee is one of the best ways to guarantee you always have a source of on-the-go caffeine waiting for you. And when our editors need a boost early in the morning but would rather skip the pot of brewed coffee and the long coffee-shop line, there are a few store-bought cold brews that we reach for. If you’ve browsed the aisles in the grocery store but haven’t been sure which coffees are worth the purchase, look no further. Ahead, see which bottles we totally swear by and why, then pick up a few the next time you want to fill your fridge with the perfect morning pick-me-up.

Chameleon Cold-Brew RTDs

3. Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee ($5)

“While I do love the Califia Farms Concentrated Cold Brew, I’ve really gotten very into Chameleon Cold Brew. It has a really smooth taste that’s less overwhelming than other cold-brew concentrates I’ve tried. Truth be told, I also just prefer the way the glass bottle looks in my fridge.” — Kelsey Garcia, editorial assistant

“This is my go-to coffee for giving me a very tasty jump-start in the morning. There are a few different flavors so I never get bored, and they are all delicious!” — Hilary White, editor, Love & Sex and Smart Living

Chameleon Cold Brew
Publication: The Absolute Best Bottled Cold-Brew Coffees Our Editors Swear By
Written By: POPSugar
Date Published: April 2017