8 Yummy Things to Do with Coffee—Besides Drink It

September 06, 2017
BY: Team CCB

If you’re a coffee fan, why stop at the mug when you could be enjoying your favorite flavor in other creative and tasty ways.

Vegan Horchata Popsicles

Chameleon Cold-Brew Vegan Horchata Popsicles and more recipes featured by Reader's Digest.
If you’re a fan of grown-up ice pops, stay cool while also staying energized with these Vegan Horchata Popsicles. These creamy frozen treats have just three ingredients—Mexican cold brew (we like Chameleon Cold Brew), agave nectar, and coconut or rice milk—which make them the perfect coffee recipe on a summer day when you’re feeling laid back.

Check out Reader’s Digest’s article for more fun ways to enjoy Chameleon Cold-Brew from BBQ classics, sweet desserts, late night cocktails and much more! 

Chameleon Cold Brew
Publication: 8 Yummy Things to Do with Coffee—Besides Drink It
Written By: Reader's Digest
Date Published: August 2017