8 Things We Loved At Natural Products Expo West

March 15, 2017
BY: Team CCB

If you can imagine Disneyland for the health industry, the Natural Products Expo is it.

Every year, thousands of companies showcase healthy or eco-conscious food, body, home and business items at Natural Products Expo West—in the same city as Disneyland, funny enough. Some have already stood out among the crowd at this year’s NEXTY Awards, given for innovation, integrity, and inspiration. From alternative jerky to a drink that makes a trendy wellness food even better, here are our picks for some of the best new healthy products. Watch for them to hit stores in the next few months.


Chameleon’s organic, free trade bottled cold brew is a favorite among coffee drinkers. But its single origin coffee beans from Mexico’s Chiapas region are also garnering praise for transparent sourcing and helping a community in need. The beans help support farmers in Chiapas dealing with the aftermath of Roya, a plant disease that damages coffee leaves. Here’s to showing a cup of joe can make a difference beyond your morning routine. (Check Chameleon for availability.) 

Chameleon Cold Brew
Publication: 8 Things We Loved At Natural Products Expo West
Written By: Clean Plates
Date Published: March 2017