3 Race Morning Coffee Solutions

June 03, 2016
BY: Team CCB

If you’re like us, coffee is an integral part of your daily life and definitely your race morning. When hotel coffee won’t cut it, these solutions make it simple to brew a high-quality cup in your room.

3. Chameleon Cold Brew Concentrate

$11, Chameleoncoldbrew.com

For iced coffee fans, you can stretch your coffee supply over a few days with the concentrate from Chameleon. It’s brewed for more than 16 hours, and the recyclable glass bottle contains eight servings. Combine it with water or milk to customize the intensity and flavor. The cold brew concentrate is available in mocha, vanilla, caramel and plain black coffee.

Chameleon Cold Brew
Publication: 3 Race Morning Coffee Solutions
Written By: Triathlete
Date Published: May 2016