11 Ways To Prevent Your Metabolism From Slowing Down During The Day

October 06, 2016
BY: Team CCB

5. Have Some Natural Caffeine 

Bustle Magazine Coffee Shot

While downing 20 cups of coffee might not be the best idea, having a little pick-me-up boost of caffeine mid-day can help rev the metabolism and prevent it from getting sluggish. “Caffeine is a stimulate that can help boost the function of some body systems, boosts mental performance, and may help you recover faster. Cold-brew in particular is more gentle on the stomach and digestive system, as it can be up to 67 percent less acidic than drip coffee, according to some studies,” says Lauren Padula, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, running coach, and RYT-200 yoga teacher over email with Bustle, who recommends “Chameleon Cold-Brew’s ready-to-drinks.”

Chameleon Cold Brew
Publication: 11 Ways To Be More Alert and Focused At Work, No Matter What
Written By: Bustle
Date Published: October 2016