How It's Made

We like to think we make magic in a bottle, and we think you’ll agree. Here’s how we make our super smooth brew.

Our Brew Process

The best beans, the perfect grind, and a whole lotta love goes into our signature cold-brew. (Rest assured, all of our products are crafted with this much attention to detail.)

A Little Math

Don't worry, we did the hard work, you only need the answer. There's a perfect ratio for steeping the perfect cold brew, and we've found the sweet spot.

Chameleon Cold-Brew Beans
Chameleon Cold-Brew Cup

Back to the grind

In the case of grind, size matters, and a little bigger is a lot better. Coarse grounds deliver the best, smoothest cup you’ve ever tasted.

That's Cool

Water temperature variations affect acidity. Lower temp and lower acidity means bigger, better flavor.

Chameleon Cold-Brew Concentrates

One steep at a time

The beans soak in water for more than ten hours, resulting in a cold brew that’s just plain better.

Make It Yours!

Now the rest is up to you! How will you customize your Chameleon?


Caffeine Content

Get your facts straight on which kind of coffee has more buzz.

How much caffeine is in Chameleon?

10 oz Ready to Enjoy Cold-Brew: 
Caffeine Content =  230 mg/10 fl oz

32 oz Black Concentrate and 1 Gallon Bag In Box: 
Caffeine Content =  208 mg/6 fl oz serving

Does cold brew have more caffeine than hot coffee?

It’s complicated. However, time is also a big influencer on caffeine.

Since we soak our beans for a longer brew time than most hot coffees, Chameleon Cold-Brew results in a more caffeinated coffee per ounce versus the average cup of hot coffee.