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What is Cold Brew?

Iced coffee? Think again. Cold brew takes time to steep to perfection. Its versatility means you’re in control. Smooth to taste, easy on the stomach, bold on buzz.

Iced coffee, right? Think again.

Rather than brewing coffee grounds the ​“traditional” way, cold brew is a unique approach to steeping coffee that involves soaking the coffee grounds in room temperature or cold water for almost an entire day… and that’s just part of the story!

So what makes cold brew so great?


What is Cold Brew?
The best beans, the perfect grind, and a whole lotta love goes into Chameleon Cold-Brew


Easy on the stomach- Cold brew has ½ the acidity of a traditional cup of coffee. It’s a super smooth taste that’s better, not bitter.

Bold on Buzz- The 16 hour brew time makes it worth it, huh? Cold brew is extra caffeinated and has up to 3 times the amount of caffeine compared to traditional coffee. We like to call it a Texas-sized buzz!

Icy or Hot- Heat it up or pour it over ice. Add your favorite milk, cream, non-mylk or drink it straight!

Add a shot- Drink it how you’ll enjoy it. We don’t judge!

Cold brew is versatile. So shake things up and have fun with it. Need inspiration? Check out some recipes here.

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