Tips for a Sustainable Kitchen

Every batch of Chameleon Cold-Brew is sustainably grown, ethically sourced organic cold brew coffee. Learn how to buy sustainably and maintain a kitchen with less waste and energy with our ten top tips.

1. Use reusable bags

Start reducing waste in the kitchen by using only reusable bags for grocery shopping, saying no to plastic produce bags and saving snacks or leftovers in reusable storage bags and glass containers. Pro tip: Use Chameleon Cold-Brew Mason Jars for storing leftovers or packing salads for the next day’s lunch!

Enjoy sustainably grown, organic cold brew coffee and take steps to create a more sustainable kitchen at home.

2. Purchase from your local farmer’s markets

Support local farming businesses in your area by purchasing your produce at farmer’s markets, or volunteer with a local community garden to encourage sustainable farming and take home your own free produce.

3. Buy Organic!

For your health and the health of the planet, try to buy organic products when you have the option. Products with the USDA Organic label ensure that the farming practices used are free of any pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetic engineering. Good news! All Chameleon Cold-Brew products are organic certified.

Enjoy sustainably grown, organic cold brew coffee and take steps to create a more sustainable kitchen at home.

4. Eat Seasonally

Fruits and vegetables that are in-season are often grown by local farmers in your area, and also avoid energy and pollution waste created by long distance transportation. Produce in season is also more ripe than product out of season, so they often have a better taste profile.

5. Grow your own fruits and veggies

If you’ve got a green thumb or want to try your hand at gardening, grow your own fruits and veggies at home. This will help you make more conscious decisions about the produce you use and make gathering ingredients more accessible and more sustainable. You can even share your harvest with friends and neighbors!

6. Minimize food waste

Minimizing food waste at home starts with grocery shopping prep. Make sure to always shop intentionally with a list so you only buy what you need. You can also plan out your meals beforehand so you ensure you have every ingredient you need and that those ingredients will not expire before you cook with them.

Enjoy sustainably grown, organic cold brew coffee and take steps to create a more sustainable kitchen at home.

7. Clean your kitchen with eco-friendly alternatives

Maintain a clean kitchen with only eco-friendly cleaning products that are effective and reduce harmful pollution. Find an eco-friendly brand you love, or use common household items, like baking soda, vinegar and lemons, to clean up messes, maintain stainless steal appliances and remove stains. You can also remove single-use paper towels from your cleaning routine and purchase reusable cotton towels.

8. Create a compost pile

Instead of throwing away leftovers and produce peels, create a compost pile in your backyard or in a compost container in your kitchen. Repurpose the resulting compost for your garden or to add extra fertilizer to your flowerbeds. You can also add your used coffee grounds and coffee filters to your compost pile!

9. Save energy in your kitchen

Using a kitchen often requires lots of energy and water, but you can take steps to reduce this waste and your monthly bills. Replace old appliances with more energy-efficient appliances, and only run your dishwasher when it is completely full. Upgrade your lightbulbs to LED bulbs to reduce energy use at night and early in the morning.

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Author: Emma Hughes

Published on 05/18/2019