Hero The Latest from Chameleon HQ in Austin,TX

The Latest from Chameleon HQ in Austin,TX

Chameleon Cold-Brew fans, we have some exciting news to share with you! Find out more from our Co-Founder and CEO, Chris Campbell.

Hi Chameleon Fans,

Today we have some exciting news to share: Chameleon Cold-Brew has joined Nestlé USA.

As you know, Chameleon is a company built on delivering honest products of the highest quality while holding true to our integrity and principles. Our relationship with you is built on a foundation of trust. Trust that you will enjoy what’s in the bottle and appreciate the care that goes into making every one of our products. As you may have noticed, we’ve grown a bit over the years, and we have big goals for our little brand. To accomplish these goals, we needed some help.

For us, that meant finding a partner whose values align with ours, who has the resources we need and who has the courage to let us continue running Chameleon with our team, in our town and in our way. We looked high and low and found that partner in Nestlé, a world-class company with all the right resources to help us reach our goals. And, more importantly, the right values and shared aspirations for our brand.

Bringing the two companies together will make each of us stronger – there is much to learn from each other. Our commitment to our planet, our people and our customers will remain unchanged. However, the scope, scale and speed with which we deliver Chameleon to you will improve as we utilize the best that Nestlé brings to our operation. In addition, we will work with Nestlé to preserve and improve our ethical sourcing efforts while delivering the highest quality, organic coffee for your enjoyment.

I am excited about the next chapter in Chameleon’s evolution and invite you to continue the journey with us. Today, we raise a glass of Chameleon to you, our loyal fans, and say thank you.


Chris Campbell

Co-founder and CEO, Chameleon Cold-Brew

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