Hero Sustainability: Chameleon in Peru

Sustainability: Chameleon in Peru

Introducing Chameleon Cold-Brew’s multifaceted coffee sustainability program, which begins with the development of a Coffee Quality Lab in San Ignacio, Peru.

Chameleon Cold-Brew is excited to announce the launch of our multifaceted coffee sustainability program, which in its inaugural year will establish five community-driven projects in four countries to empower farmers with the technical assistance and resources to not only improve the quality of organically produced coffee, but their livelihoods as well.

We have kickstarted our initiatives with our first two projects: the Cenfrocafe Coffee Quality lab in San Ignacio, Peru and the Myanmar Organic Initiative.


Body Sustainability: Chameleon in Peru

The newly constructed Cenfrocafe Coffee Quality lab in Peru features specialized equipment and a formally trained Q-Grader, who will be able to evaluate coffee quality and provide real-time feedback to farmers throughout the growing and harvesting season, ultimately improving the value proposition for the farming community. Chameleon will further partner with the community by participating in locally held town hall meetings to identify additional needs that will inform a phase two of this project.


Body Sustainability: Chameleon in Peru

Our second project, the Myanmar Organic Initiative, is also underway with the intention of supporting Myanmar’s efforts to certify organically grown coffee. While much of the coffee is produced using traditional organic methods, very little is certified and exported as organic. The company will retail a limited number of small-batch, micro-lot coffee from Myaing, Myanmar – aged eight weeks in FEW Whiskey barrels – with 100 percent of gross proceeds benefiting Myanmar communities for organic-focused projects. Purchase your own bag on our website today!

“Our ultimate objective is to create long-term economic, environmental and social sustainability through compassionate leadership within the global coffee supply chain,” says Chameleon Director of Coffee Matt Swenson. ​“We strongly believe that empowering our partners in coffee-farming communities with the proper tools, resources and support at a grassroots level will drive sustainable change.”

The world we share needs us to be its caretakers. It’s our responsibility not just to protect the places and people that grow our coffee, but to protect the planet and communities we all call home. We invite you all to join us in our commitment to long-term sustainability.

For more information about Chameleon Cold-Brew and its sustainability projects, or to purchase coffee in support of the Myanmar Organic Initiative, visit our website.

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