Hero Our Monthly Buzz at Chameleon Cold-Brew

Our Monthly Buzz at Chameleon Cold-Brew

An inside look at the Chameleon Cold-Brew HQ office: what we are loving, looking forward to, and buzzing about everyday.

Ever wonder about the team behind your favorite cold-brew brand? We refer to ourselves as the ​‘Chameleon Crew’, an extremely lucky group of people who work day (and sometimes night!) in making sure our product is perfection. While we make it very clear about our love for our hometown here in Austin, Texas, some of our other loves are not always so public. We’ve decided to give a behind the scenes look to the fans who make us so appreciative of what we get to do everyday, and share our interest in the latest blog series, ​“Our Monthly Buzz!”

Body Our Monthly Buzz at Chameleon Cold-Brew
There’s never a dull moment in the office, nor a dull drink. Our Cold Brew On-The-Go bottles are the perfect amount of caffeine to sip on for some much-needed fuel.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — ALL of our products can be crafted to your taste buds. Heat it up or drink it cold, take it straight or with a splash of milk, or even add a dash of your favorite booze (we won’t tell!) Below are the popular ways we’ve gone about making our daily cup of cold brew this month:

1) Simple yet extremely satisfactory, the most popular way our team enjoys Chameleon is straight up! In particular, our black, organic coffee.

2) When needing a burst of cozy caffeine, it’s common to see many desks holding cups of our Pecan Coffee Concentrate, complete with a dash of almond milk on ice.

3) Lucky for us, the headquarters is filled with drawers full of snacks and appliances in the kitchen. Ever tried adding a concentrate flavor to a chocolate smoothie with peanut butter and banana? It will not disappoint!


Between our 32-ounce, organic concentrate bottles and our 10-ounce organic ready-to-enjoy bottles, there are five distinct flavors in each category that are constantly floating around our headquarters. When put to a poll for the month of March, our Espresso Cold Brew On-The-Go came in first place, with our classic Black coffee concentrate following in a close second.

Body Our Monthly Buzz at Chameleon Cold-Brew
You can always find our cold brew fridge stocked with our favorites, including our classic, Chameleon Cold-Brew Black Concentrate Coffee.


Feel like boosting your daily Spotify playlist? Here is just a sample of the office setlist (and yes, we are an eclectic bunch):



Incase you haven’t heard, our team is very excited that a new product has joined the Chameleon Crew, this time in a slightly different look and feel to our classic, bottled brew. Our brand-spanking new cold-brew coffee kit, including coffee pods and a branded glass, has hit shelves nationally across different HEB locations, Safeways in Norcal, Giant Food Stores and Stop and Shops. They can also be purchased online through Thrive Market, Bed Bath and Beyond, and of course our online store.

This latest addition allows for each #Maker to craft their cup of cold-brew just the way they like it, with instructions included based on how strong you like your coffee. Each pod is also individually wrapped, easy for travel so you can always have your Chameleon Cold-Brew with you wherever you go.

Body Our Monthly Buzz at Chameleon Cold-Brew


When we aren’t drinking our daily dose of cold-brew, many around the office choose to to enjoy their down time engaging with powerful stories. Here are just a few of the many on the Chameleon Crew’s list this month:


Murder on the Orient Express

Game of Thrones

Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore

Woman In Cabin 13


A Piece of Work

The Daily (by The New York Times)

Bön Appetit Foodcast

Call Your Girlfriend

What piqued your interest this past month, or what’s on your mind for April? Have we inspired you to read, listen, or try something new? Snap a picture and tag us on Instagram or Facebook (@ChameleonColdBrew); you may end up on our feed!

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