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Introducing Chameleon Organic Whole Bean Coffee

Learn more about Chameleon Cold-Brew’s line of Organic and sustainably sourced Whole Bean Coffee in three distinct varieties.

Our organic, sustainably sourced Chameleon Cold-Brew Whole Bean Coffee is carefully crafted with bold, sweet and buzzy flavors perfect for every type of coffee drinker. With variance in how you grind and brew your coffee beans, you have the ability to make a cup just the way you like it.

The Day Breaker offers a refreshing fruity blend; Dark, Black, Bold makes the ideal rich & chocolatey dark blend; and Single Origin boasts sweet and nutty flavors with a hint of cherries in the blend.

The three varieties of Whole Bean Coffee represent a wide range of coffees from around the world:

Organic Whole Bean Coffee Serving Coffee
What’s your favorite flavor of Chameleon Cold-Brew Whole Bean Coffee?

The Day Breaker features beans from the Guji subregion of Ethiopia specifically known for their organic coffee. With flavors of wine, ripe fruits, and wildberries, this naturally processed coffee is a delicious way to start the day.

Dark, Black, Bold hails from Sumatra, Indonesia and has bittersweet, earthy notes of dark cocoa, which make this wet hold processed coffee the ideal option for someone looking for an intensely flavorful brew.

The first Single Origin highlights beans from the Chiapas region of Mexico with flavors of sweet, milk chocolate, cherries, and hazelnut. The washed process allows for flavor of the territory to shine through.

Organic Whole Bean Coffee Serving Coffee
Chameleon Cold-Brew Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee is sourced from Mexico.

The Whole Bean Coffee line is organic, and ethically- and sustainably-sourced. Chameleon’s sourcing standards start with advocating for and engaging in ethical trade to protect farmers and investing in on-the-ground training. Through a sustainability fund, the farmers receive more than just the price of the coffee to help build sustainable supply chains to last for future generations. The farmers are encouraged to use the latest ecological innovations to ensure that each plant plays a role in protecting other crops, thus eliminating the need for pesticides.

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Chameleon Cold-Brew Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee is served best using the pour-over method.

Along with each offerings unique flavors, we recommend different brewing methods for each product in the Whole Bean Line.

The Day Breaker is best brewed using a Chemex, Dark, Black, Bold is prepared well with a French Press and Single Origin brews nicely with the Pour Over method.

Add Chameleon’s Whole Bean Coffee to your coffee routine and experience these unique bold varieties for yourself! While you can always drink our cold brew hot, our Whole Bean Coffee can inspire new creativity for the makers brewing daily cups of coffee in their kitchen. Check out our blog to learn tips and tricks on using the recommended brew methods.

You can purchase our Whole Bean Line on our websiteHEB and Safeway locations in Northern California. SaveSave

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