Hero Organic Coffee Sustainability Projects

Organic Coffee Sustainability Projects

Developing long-term sustainability within the coffee supply chain takes careful and extensive work. Learn more about how Chameleon crafts each of our sustainability projects to best fit the needs of the local coffee community.

At Chameleon, we believe in making sustainable decisions that do good for our consumers, supply chain and planet long-term. We understand the impact of our decisions, both positive and negative, and have committed to purchasing always organic, sustainably grown and ethically sourced coffee to ensure we create a future with organic coffee.

To protect the world of coffee and empower our farmers and suppliers around the world, we have launched several long-term sustainability projects in the regions where we source.

Body Organic Coffee Sustainability Projects
Region of Huehuetenango, Guatemala where Chameleon currently sources coffee for our Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee.


While Chameleon sources coffee from many countries around the world, our current sustainability initiatives are focused in 5 main regions: Colombia, Peru, Myanmar, Indonesia and Guatemala. When selecting areas for our initiatives, we first look at regions that have a potential for growth in their coffee production. We also search for regions growing coffee that match Chameleon’s premium and organic flavor profile, and where we see an opportunity to collaborate on local social initiatives. 

Body Organic Coffee Sustainability Projects
Chameleon’s Chief Product Officer Matt Swenson leads a town hall in Peru with local community members.


Once a proposal is passed for a region, the Chameleon team sets up a town hall in the community and works with the coffee cooperative leadership to develop a community-driven plan. We always make sure to pay attention to the needs of the community first and foremost, as each region is unique in its environmental and societal challenges. We then work with a third party sustainability consultant to further develop the plan and bring the initiatives to life.

As the needs of the community change or regions face an unexpected environmental issue, our team is able to adjust our projects as needed to better support.

Body Organic Coffee Sustainability Projects
In the beginning of 2019, the Chameleon team visited the local farming community in Huehuetenango, Guatemala and helped them sample the coffee they sourced to Chameleon for the very first time.


Since launching our first project in San Ignacio, Peru with the creation of a Coffee Quality Lab, Chameleon has launched a variety of projects in Guatemala, Myanmar, Indonesia and Colombia. We are also launching a second project in Peru where we will be improving the farm’s drying technology, as the farm continues to increase their coffee output as a result of the new Coffee Quality Lab.

Read more about how Chameleon is brewing compassion around the world on our website and view our sustainability initiatives of 2018 in numbers on our blog.


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