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Made For Makers: R.C. Beall

R.C. Beall, founder of Montana Coffee Traders and Texas Coffee Traders, shares his journey with coffee and how he became involved as the master coffee craftsman for Chameleon Cold-Brew.

There’s something special about the perfect cup of coffee. For R.C. Beall, finding that special something was the motive that launched him into a long, dedicated career of serving up a tasty cup of coffee, not only for himself, but for the masses to enjoy as well.

Chameleon’s carefully crafted cold brew doesn’t happen by chance. A combination of specialized techniques and intuition allow R.C. to achieve a unique, bold taste through the process of air-roasting, a method that is used with a mere 1% of the world’s coffee! Currently, in his role as ​“master coffee craftsman for Chameleon Cold-Brew,” R.C. manages all sourcing, roasting and brewing for the brand while consulting new flavor development and keeping an eye and ear close to the Austin coffee scene.


Made For Makers: R.C. Beall


After founding Montana Coffee Traders, one of the country’s pioneers of organic, Fair Trade coffee, R.C. and his wife Beth founded Texas Coffee Traders in the heart of Austin in 1994. Since then, Texas Coffee Traders has become a mainstay in the ever-changing Austin coffee scene, sourcing coffee for dozens of local restaurants and coffee shops.

His career in coffee has taken him all around the world, from buying a coffee bean plantation in Monteverde, Costa Rica, to opening the first coffee roasting facility in Moscow, Russia. During his tenure in Costa Rice, R.C. established one of the first Fair Trade domestic projects, called ​“Coffee with a Cause,” effectively linking growers directly with consumers in the U.S., and generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for the growing community.

R.C. and Beth are both passionate and dedicated to educating the public on the importance of Fair Trade and sustainable coffee bean sourcing practices, and are committed to giving back to the community by supporting local events and charities.

It’s easy to see why R.C. is a rock star in the coffee biz and holds a special place in our Chameleon family’s heart. He’s the brains behind the brew, and thanks to him, we continue to serve up a delicious cold brew for our customers to enjoy.


Maker Series: At Chameleon, we believe that coffee is an essential part of fueling creativity. Mugshot Monday is a series devoted to featuring Makers: the people who put pen to paper (or knife to cutting board, hammer to wood… you get the gist) to create, inspire, and make things happen. Our Maker series aims to showcase the talent of the everyday people who do just that!


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