Hero Make It Yours: Coffee Concentrate

Make It Yours: Coffee Concentrate

Chameleon Cold-Brew’s one-of-a-kind and highly customizable 32oz. Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate help you make the perfect cup of coffee, smoothie or treat at home.

Find the perfect Cold Brew Concentrate Flavor

Choose from one of Chameleon Cold-Brew’s five sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free Coffee Concentrate to find the flavor you like best (or even try them all!)

The Black Coffee Concentrate offers notes of toffee and semi-sweet chocolate for a bold buzz, the Vanilla Coffee Concentrate has a rich and well-rounded vanilla flavor, the Mocha Coffee Concentrate boasts flavors of milk chocolate and warm toffee, the Pecan Coffee Concentrate is bright and nutty, and the Caramel Cold Brew On-The-Go has a buttery and comforting flavor of caramel.

Find all of our Coffee Concentrate for purchase on our website, or find a retailer near you!

Dilute the Concentrated Coffee

Mixing the perfect cup of organic cold brew coffee at home begins with the right ratio of cold brew concentrate to water or milk. We recommend using a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of Cold Brew Concentrate to water, milk or nut milks. From this ratio, we always suggest making it your own and changing the ratio until it meets your coffee taste preferences.

Mix in spices, superfoods and more!

Add a unique flavor profile to your cup of coffee by adding common kitchen spices to your brew, including cayenne, cinnamon and more. Mix in superfoods, including Collagens, Matcha, and Maca, for a flavorful health boost to your cold brew concentrate.

If you love a sweeter Pecan, Caramel or almond and vanilla Mexican flavors, make your own DIY coffee syrup to have on hand when making your coffee in a rush in the morning.

Body Make It Yours: Coffee Concentrates

Try a buzzy smoothie or treat recipe

Experiment in the kitchen and make one of our many recipes using coffee concentrate on our website. Search by ingredient or substitute the cold brew concentrate flavor for the one you have at home.

Still finding your perfect coffee concentrate flavor? Make our favorite recipe featuring each of the five varieties for the tastiest sampling.

Show use how you #MakeItYours and tag #ChameleonColdBrew on Instagram. Find more recipes and concentrate mixing inspiration on our website.

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