Hero Make it Yours with Cold Brew Pods

Make it Yours with Cold Brew Pods

Chameleon Cold-Brew’s products allow you to make it yours, just the way you like it! Find out how to ​“Make it Yours” with our DIY Cold Brew Pods.

The ideal coffee experience, in our eyes, is one you can customize just the way you want. We like to refer to this as ​“chameleonizing” your cold brew coffee! Whether you consider yourself a diehard concentrate drinker for every morning meal, an on-the-go maker always with a cold brew pod in tow, or a new player coming into the cold brew game, Chameleon is here to empower you to ​“make it yours” with every cup of organic coffee.

Body Make it Yours with Cold Brew Pods
Black Coffee Concentrate or Coffee Pods. There’s a Chameleon Cold-Brew for any mood.


Our 32oz. bottle of Chameleon Cold-Brew Concentrate Coffee is perfect for making individualized cups of coffee right in your own kitchen. Stick to the basics with a 1:1 ratio of concentrate coffee and milk or water (4 oz of each is what we recommend) or make it yours with a variety of add-in options.

Body Make it Yours with Cold Brew Pods
Spice up your Black Coffee Concentrate with milk, ghee, whiskey and more.

Spice it Up

There are many spices you can find around your kitchen that are perfect for adding extra flavors to your cup of coffee, including turmeric, cayenne and peppermint oil. Supercharge your coffee routine with butter coffee or a ​“bulletproof” Bullseye Brew by adding ghee and collagen peptides to your hot coffee for increased brain function and anti-inflammatory benefits.

More than Milk

While many still enjoy a splash of old fashioned creamer in their cup of coffee, the use of nut milks and other non-milks have popularized for coffee drinkers across the world. Try a variety of nut milks from our friends at Fronks and New Barn or make your very own!

A Boozy Buzz

To celebrate all that cold brew helps fuel you to accomplish throughout your week, combine your organic coffee sidekick with a shot of alcohol! Find a recipe that uses your favorite kind of liquor, make a batch of Cold Brew Sangria or mix Chameleon Cold-Brew Black Coffee Concentrate with your favorite Imperial Stout beer.

Bring the Heat

There is no need to sacrifice your love for cold brew coffee during the winter when you can enjoy your favorite flavors hot! Simply dilute your concentrate and heat it on the stove or use boiling water to preheat your cup and add into your concentrate coffee. Be your own barista and get inspired with hot cold brew recipes as well!


Our Cold Brew Coffee Kit not only puts you in charge of your coffee experience but also allows you to take your coffee wherever you go and whenever you need it. Use one or two coffee pods depending on how strong you wish to make your cold brew. Brew your own coffee concentrate with the pods and add your milk of choice! For wherever and whenever you feel inspired, always be sure to have Cold Brew Coffee Pods on hand and a mason jar.

Body Make it Yours with Cold Brew Pods
Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee Pods: just add water (and a little milk if that’s your jam).

For a strong, ready-to-enjoy Cold-Brew:

1. Add 1 pod and 9 oz of cold, filtered water in a jar & cover.

2. Steep the cold-brew pod in the refrigerator for 10 – 24 hours.

3. Remove the pod & add ice to the jar. Bottoms up!

For a stronger, bolder Cold-Brew Concentrate:

1. Add 2 pods & 12 oz of cold, filtered water into a jar & cover.

2. Steep the cold-brew pods in the refrigerator for 10 – 24 hours.

3. Remove the pods. Use 4 oz of the cold-brew concentrate & mix with 4 oz of water, milk, or nut mylk. Keep the rest of the concentrate in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use it!

Make your coffee experience your own with Chameleon recipes from lattes to sweet treats, cocktails and savory entrees! Find Chameleon products near you.

Want to purchase your own Cold-Brew Kit and Pods? You can find our products at Bed Bath & Beyond (Cold-Brew Kit and Cold-Brew Pods), FreshDirect (Cold-Brew Kitand Cold-Brew Pods), HEB (Cold-Brew Kit and Cold-Brew Pods) and our website (Cold-Brew Kit and Cold-Brew Pods). Stay caffeinated!


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