Hero Made For Makers: FELIZ

Made For Makers: FELIZ

Chameleon Cold-Brew sat down with FELIZ, the Austin, Texas design pop-up company that’s making noise in the local artist and creative scene.

With our hometown in Austin, Texas, Chameleon Cold-Brew is extremely lucky to share the city with unique individuals and organizations sharing and spreading incredible products. One company in particular, FELIZ — a design pop-up which features local artists and Makers in an intimate space, made for interaction. We sat down with three FELIZ employees, Sarah MurphyHallie Brewer and Erin Corrigan, all three co-organizers for the comapny, chatting about their ​“normal” work day, morning rituals, cold-brew coffee (of course) and what being a Maker means to them.

Body Made For Makers: FELIZ
Chameleon-Cold-Brew and FELIZ: both companies that embrace Makers.

1) How did you get involved with FELIZ?

Sarah Murphy: I have been participating in FELIZ as a vendor since the beginning. About 2 years ago I approached my friends Laura and Jenny about taking over the organizing duties of FELIZ. The timing wasn’t right at that moment but about a year ago I jumped on board with Jenny. They both have awesome creative projects that lead them out of Austin. FELIZ is not a one person job, so I asked Erin and Hallie to co-organize with me this year. I feel really lucky to have two great friends and partners that are as passionately engaged with the event as I am.

Hallie Brewer: I was first a shopper. I loved the energy of the event and how much talent was packed into one space. I applied as a vendor three months later with my textile line. When the opportunity came up to be an organizer I jumped at the chance.

Erin Corrigan: I became involved with FELIZ because Sarah Murphy, another coordinator for the sale, is a friend of mine. I had been attending FELIZ for years and admired the work they were doing by putting it on. I had a background in content marketing that I thought could be helpful, and so I reached out.

2) What does a normal day look like — if there is such a thing as a normal day?

Sarah: Ha, busy! I normally get up, take a shower, feed the dogs and then make a cup of coffee. I’m very particular about my coffee. Right now I’m still drinking espresso (americanos are my jam) but I’ll switch over to cold brew as soon as it gets really hot out.

I usually do a little work in my studio, like sending emails off or prepping Hey Murphy orders that need to be mailed, until I need to head off to work over at Bell & Bird. I’m there most of the day, running the shop, emailing, photographing new pieces, planning our social media schedule or meeting with clients. If it’s a good day, I’ll fit in a run with one of my pups after work, otherwise I go back into the studio. Like I said, it’s a full day!

Hallie: My day job is for Bunkhouse Group so I’m usually in the office from 10 – 4. In the evening I make dinner with my husband, we might take a walk or watch a binge-worthy show. If I’m feeling extra energy that day I might put some time in at my studio.

Erin: I work with our partnerships and marketing, which means I have a lot of emailing! We have been so lucky to work with our favorite brands so far- so the emailing is kind of a joy. Lots of ​“we think you’re wonderful, can we work together to let everyone else know how wonderful you are”. I may also spend time photographing product or writing up blog posts for our sponsors. On special days, I follow that with several hours in the studio developing a line of leather goods before coming home and cooking dinner. I really enjoy cooking, so this is a highlight of the day.

3) Are there any specific morning rituals you tend to gravitate towards to keep fueled and energized?

Body Made For Makers: FELIZ
The perfect way to start the day is with a mug of Chameleon Cold-Brew. Local Austin artist SheCeramics (who will be at the event this Sunday) crafted these beauties! Photo Credit: FELIZ

Sarah: A shower is always revitalizing and taking time to enjoy drinking coffee. I was running in the morning for a while which felt great, but motivating yourself to go for a run at 7am is really hard with another full day ahead of you.

Hallie: I have a lengthy morning routine. It’s my favorite part of my day. Big ​‘ol glass of water when I wake up, then coffee while I talk to my husband about our day, I take an alarming number of vitamins with breakfast, maybe get 20 minutes of yoga and then I’m off.

Erin: I wake up and make coffee first thing. Sometimes I fall asleep looking forward to the morning coffee. :) Then, I make breakfast which is almost always eggs, avocado with so much lime juice and some tasty fruit. I wish mangoes were always in season. After a recent trip to Mexico City with it’s abundant outdoor eating- we’ve been trying to recreate the vibe by eating meals on the deck. Austin mosquitos are not welcome, but they’ve been ignoring our pleas. 

4) What’s your go-to when feeling that 3PM slump?

Sarah: I’m usually a one cup of coffee in the morning kind of person, but I do love coffee. My go-to in the afternoon is a strong cup of mate or green tea.

Hallie: Green tea!

Erin: Ooh- this is tough! I can’t have too much coffee after the morning but still hit that slump. I’m looking for tips! Usually just a few sips of cold brew helps me out, though what I think I really need is a midday nap. When will the USA get on-board with that schedule??

5) FELIZ is filled with makers of all entities, and as you might know Chameleon Cold-Brew prides itself as a ​“Coffee Made for Makers.” What does being a Maker mean to you?

Sarah: For me being a maker is about creating carefully considered design pieces. It is also about the joy and hardship of the fabrication process and complexities of owning a business. There is a lot of problem solving when you’re a maker. That being said there is something inherently satisfying about hand fabricating a piece and then seeing it exist out in the world.

Hallie: When we make anything we tap into our natural abilities as creators. To bring a thought or idea to life is an incredible aspect of our human nature that we don’t share with any other animal. For me being a maker is being a creator and a story teller. The materials we use are just the method of expressing that story. Connecting to the outside world with what we make is the added bonus.

Erin: The best part of FELIZ are the makers! I think ​“making” helps you feel more in control of your life. The cycle of consumerism is real and depressing (by design), but it can be a rich exchange of experiences and ideas. By making and understanding other makers’ processes, you are able to appreciate the world in new ways. Gaining insight into others’ work, cleverness, and beauty is important. This goes for food, too!

Body Made For Makers: FELIZ
Join the FELIZ team Sunday May 6th at the Palm Door in Austin, Texas.

To learn more about FELIZ or be a part of the awesome Maker-action, come out to their FREESpring 2018 sale Sunday,May 6th! Check out the list of local vendors participating in this event, and snag some Chameleon Cold-Brew while you’re there!

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