Go Green with Cold Brew Coffee

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by going green in your cold brew coffee habits! Check out our go-to sustainability tricks for reducing waste while staying caffeinated.

Choose Sustainably Sourced Coffee

At Chameleon, we believe in sustainable and ethical sourcing that’s good for the planet and all people involved in the coffee supply chain. That’s why we only source organic coffee and aim to support farming communities across the world through a variety of sustainability projects to ensure they can profit from their organic farming efforts.

Organic coffee is important because it promotes a wholistic approach to farming and sustainability of farms. Organic production methods integrate cultural, biological and mechanical practices that foster the sustainable cycling of resources, promote ecological balance and typically conserve biodiversity. By using natural resources to feed the coffee plant, producers are not overly stressing the plant, lending itself to be a healthy.

Learn more about how Chameleon brews compassion on our website.

Invest in reusable glassware and straws

Take a pledge to eliminate single-use cups and straws and invest in glassware and metal straws for on-the-go coffee or at home consumption with less waste. If you’re in a morning rush, opt for mixing your own cup of Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee Concentrate in an on-the-go mug instead of stopping by a coffee shop for a single-use cup.

Go green and live sustainably with Chameleon Cold-Brew
Take your cold brew coffee on the go with Chameleon Cold-Brew Mason Jars for you and a friend!

Up-cycle Chameleon Bottles

While we always recommend recycling empty Concentrate and Ready to Enjoy glass bottles, we’ve been inspired by our fans to find creative ways of reusing the bottles or making a new creation! Use Concentrate bottles to hold homemade smoothies or fruit-infused water, or store your snacks in an empty Ready to Enjoy bottle.

Try our favorite DIY Chameleon Bottle projects, including a bird feeder, succulent holder, tabletop tiki torch and a lamp, and follow the instructions in our blog.

Go green and live sustainably with Chameleon Cold-Brew

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Author: Emma Hughes

Published on 03/17/2019