Hero Espresso Yourself with Cold Brew Coffee

Espresso Yourself with Cold Brew Coffee

Espresso yourself and your love for the people close to you through creativity and, of course, cold brew coffee!


Expressing yourself and your creativity takes passion, bravery and a splash of cold brew! If you’re looking for inspiration to discover your new passion or explore old ones, check out our ideas below. Find our bold and robust new brew, Espresso Coffee Concentrate, at a Target location near you!


Do you have lots of ideas and coffee buzz to burn but don’t know where to start? Try journaling your ideas either in a daily recap, word dump or guided journal form. If ideas start reoccurring in your journaling or new and exciting ideas emerge, start exploring!

Bonus tip: Add journaling to your precious morning coffee time and set aside your phone and computer to give your full attention to your ideas.

Body Espresso Yourself with Cold Brew Coffee
Journal with your sidekick: Chameleon Vanilla Cold Brew On-The-Go.


If your passions include painting, photography, music or more, be sure to set aside time every day to develop your interests. This could be a midday coffee and music break or a bed time ritual. Whenever you are feeling most artsy, be sure to mix a cup of Chameleon Coffee Concentrate to help keep the ideas flowing!

Body Espresso Yourself with Cold Brew Coffee
Espresso yourself through music, art and completely customizable Chameleon Cold-Brew Black Coffee Concentrate!


Everyone knows endorphins and coffee make us happy! Take time during your day or on the weekends to bring your Chameleon Cold-Brew On-The-Go on-the-go for a hike, run or easy walk around the neighborhood. Cold brew will keep you fueled as you take time to move your body through your favorite forms of exercise. Get moving and brewing!

Body Espresso Yourself with Cold Brew Coffee
Take your cold brew on-the-go for a hike, run, or meditative trip with Chameleon Mexican Cold Brew On-The-Go.


Finding yourself in a creativity rut can be difficult, especially if your coffee routine isn’t there to help inspire you. Create a change of pace and start with your cold brew! Try our deliciously unique coffee recipes with your favorite cold brew flavor or mix up your Coffee Concentrate in new, creative ways. New brew, new you!



If you want to express your love and appreciation for a friend or family member who loves coffee, look no further than Chameleon Cold-Brew! To keep them caffeinated, gift them a variety pack of their favorite On-The-Go Coffee or Coffee Concentrate flavors, or a Coffee Lover bundle featuring Chameleon Organic Whole Bean Coffee. For the coffee lover who has it all, give them the coolest Chameleon SWAG to show off their coffee obsession in a tote bagshirt or sticker pack.


If ​“quality time” is your coffee love language, call up a loved one and invite them over for an at-home coffee date! Create a coffeehouse experience with Chameleon Organic Whole Bean Coffee or mix up a sweet treat with Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee. No matter which brew you choose, be sure to stay present and enjoy your time together!

Body Espresso Yourself with Cold Brew Coffee

Serve up the perfect coffee date at home with Chameleon Organic Whole Bean Coffee and fresh baked treats!

Show us how you ​“Espresso Yourself” with Chameleon and tag @ChameleonColdBrew on Instagram. Find more recipe and cold brew inspiration on our website and find a retailer near you to purchase Chameleon Cold-Brew today!

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