Hero Drink Your Winter Blues Away

Drink Your Winter Blues Away

Put positive energy on your winter blues this season with our sweet and strong Vanilla cold brew coffee, paired with our favorite tips and tricks.

The anticipation of unwrapping gifts has sadly departed, and it’s safe to say the dreaded winter blues are sharpening into focus. This time period in between holiday bliss and kicking the new year into gear can feel slow and sad, but who’s to say that is the only way to look at these weeks – or days – before embarking on the 2018 adventure? Brighten these low spirits with some tricks from none other than your favorite cold brew coffee crew. And yes, our biggest recommendation is our bottled On-The-Go Vanilla Coffee (with the BLUE label!), so you can literally drink your winter blues away.


Body Drink Your Winter Blues Away
Get up and get moving with Chameleon Vanilla Cold Brew On-The-Go!

With a stomach full of holiday cookies, it’s easy to think an end-all cure to your winter blues is a Netflix binge in bed. However, the best thing you can do is to gather some energy and get your body moving. Whether you choose to hit the ground running or go for a leisurely walk around the neighborhood, increasing alertness can improve sleep cycles, reduce fatigue, and even elevate your mood. Getting back into routine can be much easier said than done, so we recommend our Vanilla Cold Brew On-The-Go as a tasty companion that can add some much-needed pep to your step.


So what if the mainstream vacation time has come and gone? Spend these next few days crafting your next trip, whether it be a blowout with friends or a small getaway for some self-care. Not everyone gets to enjoy a winter vacation in a stress-free, no-work environment, so treat yourself to something you can look forward to throughout these winter blues. Research shows that just the act of planning a trip can put you in a happier mood.


It’s hard to ease out of your holiday meal plan, or should we say lack of meal plan, when the weather is cold and your motivation toward a healthy, home-cooked dish is at a minimum. With some Vanilla Cold Brew On-The-Go, some of your favorite fruits, and a blender, however, you can start the process of getting back on track easily:

Swap your ice cream craving for our Cold Brew Frozen Yogurt.

Start your mornings with our 5 Layer Healthy Ombré Smoothie.

For a mid-afternoon snack, ditch the chips for some No Bake Energy Balls.


Body Drink Your Winter Blues Away
Sip on some Vanilla Cold Brew On-The-Go and chat with your pals!

The holidays revolve around family, and sometimes too much family time can cause your mind to go into overload. Even so, keeping up with relationships is a big way that can help move your winter blues into a better place. Take this time to reconnect with friends you always seem to miss catching up with when you’re home. Instead of pulling the duvet blanket over your head and escaping the world around you, find some time to reconnect with those you’ve lost touch with, but have been meaning to get together with. Keep the conversation going over an easy, no-stress outing, such as a quick lunch or our personal favorite, a caffeinated coffee date.

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