Hero Cold Brew at Home 101

Cold Brew at Home 101

Customizing your Chameleon Cold-Brew is easy with the right tools! Check out our tips and tricks for mixing and enjoying your favorite cold brew coffee.


Take the guesswork out of measuring coffee grounds for your cold brew with our Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee Pods and On-The-Go Coffees!

Our cold brew pods are easy to use– simply add a pod and 9oz. of cold, filtered water into a mason jar for a strong, ready-to-enjoy cold brew or add two pods and 12 oz. of water for a cold brew concentrate. Add your mason jar to your refrigerator in the evening and wake up to your very own DIY cold brew!

Body Cold Brew at Home 101
Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee Pods

On-the-go and need some cold brew at a moment’s notice? Grab a Chameleon Cold-Brew On-The-Go bottle in 5 smooth and bold flavors: BlackVanillaMexicanEspresso and Mocha. This 10oz. companion is perfect for fueling you through your day ahead– and ready to enjoy straight out of the fridge!

Body Cold Brew at Home 101
Chameleon Cold Brew On-The-Go Coffees


In order to maintain the high-quality flavor profiles and ensure brewing consistency, your coffee should be stored correctly according to its coffee type.

Our liquid products, including On-The-Go Coffees, Cold Brew Concentrate, and your brewing Cold Brew Coffee Pods, should always be refrigerated before consumption. The shelf life of our On-The-Go and Concentrate coffees is 9 months, and once opened they should be consumed within 2 – 3 weeks.

Body Cold Brew at Home 101

Whole Bean Coffee requires more specific storage methods and have a longer shelf life of 1 year. While there are many methods for whole bean storage, we recommend storing your beans in an air-tight, dark container or keeping the beans properly sealed in their original packaging. 


Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee Concentrate are perfect for creating your own unique cup of cold brew each morning. This 32 oz. bottle comes in five bold, concentrated flavors including BlackVanillaMocha, Pecan and Caramel.

Body Cold Brew at Home 101
Chameleon Cold-Brew Pecan Coffee Concentrate

While you can mix your concentrate any way you’d like, we recommend using a 1:1 ratio of 6oz. of any concentrate flavor and adding in 6oz. of your preferred liquid of choice, from water to milk or non-mylks. Stick to this simple mix or add in more ingredients for cold brew at any time of day! Find more ways of spicing up your coffee with ingredients at home, discover new recipes using coffee concentrate, and learn more about our favorite ways to use our coffee concentrate on our blog.

Body Cold Brew at Home 101
Chameleon Cold-Brew Black Coffee Concentrate


Start from scratch with whole coffee beans and make a hot cup of coffee (or even cold brew) just the way you like it! Use your go-to coffee maker or try making coffee with our favorite methods: ChemexPour Over and French Press. Our three Whole Bean Coffee varieties, including Single Origin, Dark, Black, Bold, and The Day Breaker, can be brewed using any method. However, these are a few of our favorite Chameleon Whole Bean Coffee and brewing method pairings:

Single Origin: Pour Over

Dark, Black, Bold: French Press

The Day Breaker: Chemex

Body Cold Brew at Home 101
Chameleon Cold-Brew The Day Breaker Whole Bean Coffee


Enjoy your Chameleon Cold-Brew Concentrate Coffee year-round, especially in the winter season, by drinking your cold brew HOT. Follow our tips and tricks on our blog and save time with these easy steps.

Tip #1: Heat diluted concentrate mixture in a stove-top kettle.

Tip #2: Use boiling water to heat up mug and add combined water and concentrate to the heated mug.

Body Cold Brew at Home 101


Look beyond your coffee routine and find ways to incorporate Chameleon Cold-Brew as a buzzy & bold ingredient to add to your cooking and baking recipes. Find inspiration on our website with Chameleon recipes or apply these cooking tips in your own creations.

Body Cold Brew at Home 101
Cold Brew Smoked Texas Tacos made with Chameleon Cold-Brew Black Coffee Concentrate.


Cold Brew Smoked Texas Tacos

Spiced Bacon Cold Brew Chutney

Cold Brew Marinade for Skewers

Maple Sausage Pancake Muffins

Body Cold Brew at Home 101
Superfood Cold Brew Cinnamon Fat Balls made with Chameleon Cold-Brew Vanilla Coffee Concentrate.


Red Velvet Cold Brew Cupcakes

Adaptogenic Ombré Cold Brew Waffles

Superfood Cold Brew Cinnamon Fat Balls

Cold Brew Pop Tarts

Show us how you cold brew at home by tagging us on Instagram using #ChameleonColdBrew. Find more recipes and inspiration for using Chameleon Cold-Brew on our website.

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