Chameleon Coffee Obsession

Chameleon Coffee Obsession

Our Chameleon Coffee obsession is Texas-sky-high, a combination of passion and compassion, of sense and science— our total must-haves for every batch of Chameleon Cold-Brew. We break our standards down like this:


Chameleon Sourcing Standards
It all begins at the farm. We advocate for and engage in direct, fair trade to protect farmers. We proudly pay a premium price for our beans and provide farmers with housing, insurance, and a reasonable work schedule. Non-Fair Trade farmers are paid less than $1.50 per basket. We pay at least double.

Our Arabica beans are sourced consciously, grown sustainably, and nurtured carefully, using the very best practices for water conservation and waste reduction. We only use organic, non-GMO beans that are grown in diverse ecosystems, eliminating the need for chemical pesticide and creating a sustainable ecosystem.

Here are some more amazing facts and figures:
● 50% of the water we use at our farms is converted into renewable natural gas.
● 90% of coffee fruit waste is turned into fertilizer and turn coffee pulp into compost.


Inventive Roasting Method

Air roasting is the best, so that’s all we do. Our handy Civix air-roasting machine uses heated air currents that constantly move to gently coax maximum flavor out of the beans. The beans appreciate it so much that they’re never bitter. Beans roasted with heat in big drums, on the other hand, have it hard. And they taste like it. Air roasting is not for novices, by the way. It gives our roasters a lot of control, and we use our considerable skills and craftsmanship to Chameleon-customize each roast to suit every individual batch of beans. We roast only in small batches, because we can give each batch more attention and finesse them to perfection. You might be sensing a theme of perfectionism right about now.


Meticulous Brewing Practice
Back to the grind. In the case of grind, size matters, and a little bigger is a lot better. Coarse grounds deliver the best, smoothest cup you’ve ever tasted. We small-batch grind using special equipment to deliver the same smooth flavor.

Our brews hang slow and cool in highly mineralized water from the Texas Hill Country. You can only get that here, (in case that isn’t obvious) making it one of our powerful secret weapons.In case you didn’t know, water temperature variations affect acidity. Lower temp and lower acidity means bigger, better flavor. The grounds spend 16 hours in cool water, which is longer than the general brewing standard and it makes all the difference. During the 16 hours of water contact, the grounds are constantly agitated—a little roughhousing to get that smooth, easy flavor.

For us, the path to the best cup of coffee involves a conscious approach to bean sourcing, inventive roasting, and meticulous brewing. When all three of these practices are done right and consistently, you end up with magic in a cup.

Published on 03/21/2016