Hero Chameleon Brews Compassion

Chameleon Brews Compassion

Chameleon continues to brew compassion in organic coffee farming communities around the world through a variety of projects. Learn more about the progress occurring in the projects located in Peru and Myanmar.

At the beginning of the year, Chameleon Cold-Brew launched its multifaceted coffee sustainability program, which in its inaugural year established five community-driven projects in four countries to empower farmers with the technical assistance and resources to not only improve the quality of organically produced coffee, but their livelihoods as well.

The program was initiated with its first two projects: the Cenfrocafe Coffee Quality lab in San Ignacio, Peru and the Myanmar Organic Initiative. Find out the most recent update on these projects and how you can help!


The newly constructed Cenfrocafe Coffee Quality lab in Peru features specialized equipment and a formally trained Q-Grader, who will be able to evaluate coffee quality and provide real-time feedback to farmers throughout the growing and harvesting season, ultimately improving the value proposition for the farming community. Chameleon will further partner with the community by participating in locally held town hall meetings to identify additional needs that will inform a phase two of this project.

Body Chameleon Brews Compassion

Jose Garcia, pictured above, is one of the farmers committed to organic farming in Peru. Watch his story in our video.


With borders recently open for export, Chameleon is helping introduce Myanmar’s organic quality coffee to the world stage and is encouraging growth of coffee industry through organic certification. Currently, there is little to no organic certification infrastructure or culture to encourage certification to add value to exports. With the help of other organizations such as USAID, Coffee Quality Institute and Coffee Corp, Chameleon has assisted in getting cupping courses off the ground to demonstrate and improve coffee quality.

Chameleon’s Myanmar Organic Initiative works to get coffee growing communities certified organic for export, thereby increasing producers’ premiums and creating a fundamental infrastructure for producers to rely on in the future.

Chameleon has committed to purchasing a container (~26,000 – 41,000 pounds) of Myanmar’s coffee once it’s certified organic. Organic certifiers have started the process with Chameleon’s 3 partner communities in Myanmar where not only will the coffee mill be certified organic, but it will also be entirely women-run. To date, certifiers have visited the villages and these communities are set to grow certified organic coffee in January.

Help support our organic-focused projects in Myanmar by purchasing our Whiskey Barrel Aged Whole Bean Coffee on our website!

Body Chameleon Brews Compassion

Read more about our other projects and our sustainability mission on our website.


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