Hero Chameleon At The Source In Guatemala

Chameleon At The Source In Guatemala

Take a trip with us to the source and meet the people behind our organic coffee in Guatemala.

Our team went to the source at the end of March to connect and celebrate with all the people in Guatemala who make Chameleon possible. We met with exporters, farmers and community members alike to see where the coffee magic begins and where Chameleon’s partnership is empowering coffee producing families throughout the area.

Body Chameleon At The Source In Guatemala

Chameleon Coffee Community Partner Program

Launching within the next months, the Chameleon Coffee Community Partner Program will aim to improve the lives of 400 coffee producing families within our coffee supply chain by increasing coffee production, offering technical assistance and farm renovation and helping families to grow their own organic vegetables and prepare food safely. Through this program, we are not only helping the coffee business in this area of Guatemala, but we are also helping improve the lives of coffee farming families by ensuring they have access to organic food and safe cooking practices.

Cercafe Training Center

The Cercafe Training Centers help contribute to the sustainable development initiatives apart of the Chameleon Coffee Community Partner Program by teaching best agricultural practices, food safety classes and providing education on growing organic vegetables and crop management.

Body Chameleon At The Source In Guatemala

Meeting Coffee Producers in Guatemala

Our team visited coffee producers from the ASPROCDEGUA organization at San Rafael Petal farm in Huehuetenango as well as coffee producers from the ASOPCE organization in San Pedro Necta where we source some of our organic coffee beans. We learned first hand from the producers about their farms and the challenges they face in this region. By partnering with these producers through the Chameleon Coffee Community Partner Program, we will be able to provide the needed technical assistance to tackle these problems and continue to grow their coffee business.

Body Chameleon At The Source In Guatemala

We celebrated the launch of the Chameleon Coffee Community Partner Program initiatives in Huehuetenango at a local school in Chejoj, San Pedro. The joyful celebration included food prepared as a direct result of their learnings from the Cercafe Training Center.

Body Chameleon At The Source In Guatemala

Learn more about how Chameleon is developing long-term economic, environmental, and social sustainability through compassionate leadership throughout the coffee supply chain on our website.

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