Brunch Buddies: Cold Brew & Cheese Pairing Guide

Brunch Buddies: Cold Brew & Cheese Pairing Guide

Don’t miss out on these perfect pairings for the best meal of the week– brunch! Try our favorite Chameleon Cold-Brew and cheese pairings to add bold flavors to your favorite weekend tradition.

Though the pair may seem unlikely, in many ways, they’re a natural fit. Dairy and coffee have an enduring friendship, and there are endless ways to mix the varieties of this duo. We crafted a pairing guide to help you match up the best mascarpone for your mocha and the perfect brie for your black coffee. And because all this cheese talk is practically begging for a good pun, you feta brie-lieve we’d squeeze one in. ????

Try a medium bodied cheese, such as Marieke Gouda, paired with a Chameleon Black Cold Brew On-The-Go. This buttery and slightly nutty cheese brings out the brightness of the coffee and is sure to kick-start your day after a fun night out.

Serve up the ultimate crowd pleaser by pairing the Mt.Tamp Triple Cream alongside a Chameleon Vanilla Cold Brew On-The-Go for a flavorful finish. This extra-creamy combo also makes a wonderful dessert.

Light and mild coffees respond well with fresh cheese- think fresh chevre and farmer’s cheeses for a more savory treat, and mascarpone or ricotta if you have more of a sweet tooth). Pair with Chameleon Mocha Cold Brew On-The-Go for an irresistibly satisfying combo.

Foodies at heart should venture towards a blue cheese, gorgonzola or parmesan reggiano paired with Chicory Coffee. The bitters from this New-Orleans style coffee tames the more pungent cheese.


Brunch Buddies: Cold Brew & Cheese Pairing Guide
Mt.Tamp Triple Cream pairs perfectly with Chameleon Vanilla Cold Brew On-The-Go.
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