Hero Behind the Beans — Meet Jose Garcia

Behind the Beans — Meet Jose Garcia

Meet Jose Garcia, a Peruvian farmer committed to organic coffee farming. Learn more about Chameleon Cold-Brew’s commitment to organic and sustainable farming on our website.

My name is Jose Garcia Guareto. I am a coffee grower. We work from 8am to 4 in the afternoon.

Body Behind the Beans — Meet Jose Garcia


To make a good coffee bean, we make sure the coffee cherry is red and we pick it. From there, we transfer it to the depulper and into the tank. The next day we check it and if it’s fermented, we wash it inside the tank. From there we move it to the dryers. When it’s dry, we put it in bags, and since we are close, we take it downtown.

Body Behind the Beans — Meet Jose Garcia


I bought a little piece of land and started growing coffee. Back then, there were barely any businesses around, so I would sell our coffee to the common market. At first, we would produce very little coffee.

Body Behind the Beans — Meet Jose Garcia


People were liking our coffee… They said we were bringing really good coffee. With time, I started growing more and more coffee. Then I had kids. I was able to send Rigoberto to school.

I feel happy because when my friends come over, we can give them work. It’s how we earn money. It’s the way we make a living.

The world we share needs us to be its caretakers. It’s our responsibility not just to protect the places and people that grow our coffee, but to protect the planet and communities we all call home. Our mission is to develop long-term economic, environmental, and social sustainability through compassionate leadership throughout the coffee supply chain.

Along with our commitment to sourcing organic coffee beans, our multifaceted sustainability initiative includes five projects in Peru, Guatemala, Colombia and Myanmar. Read more about our sustainability initiatives on our website and purchase our Limited Edition Whiskey Barrel Aged Myanmar beans to help donate to our organic-focused projects in Myanmar.

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