Hero BYOB: Be Your Own Barista

BYOB: Be Your Own Barista

Quit breaking the bank with coffee-shop dependencies and learn to make favorite orders using Chameleon Cold-Brew in the comfort of your home.

Whether you splurge during lunch breaks or live for caffeinated bliss every morning, coffee has become a large (and expensive) staple in many everyday schedules. The swipe of credit cards, touch of Apple wallets, or fumble for a few dollars is easily justified for an energizing fuel that pushes us through our busiest times. But who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Or in this case, have your coffee and money, too?

Take that extra trip to the grocery store and stock up on Chameleon Cold-Brew. Allow yourself to make coffee recipes at home that will save big bucks in the long run. Ditch the annoyance of seeing your name misspelled on a to-go order, live up to our #Makers tagline, and be your own barista, or as we like to acronym it – BYOB.


Body BYOB: Be Your Own Barista
Make iced coffee with Black Coffee Concentrate!

Simple yet satisfying, the largest cup of iced coffee acts as a saving grace in times of stress. Depending on the size and frequency of the order, this classic drink can break the bank real fast. Instead, opt for any flavor of Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee Concentrate. Available in five flavors, easily kick your iced coffee order into high gear with our magic formula of cold brew, crafted with more than twice the amount of caffeine than a regular cup! To refrain from completely bouncing off the walls, dilute four ounces of cold brew with four ounces of whatever you choose to blend in. Add some ice into the final product and voila! Your order just became a stronger, DIY substitute.


Body BYOB: Be Your Own Barista
Make your own cold brew coffee with our DIYCoffee Pods.

Coffee shops and companies have caught on to the delicious trend of cold brew and taken a stab at crafting their own. Lucky for you, the Chameleon Cold-Brew coffee kit can conquer this craving with minimal cash, and no ​‘open’ sign necessary. Become a barista and enjoy this easy process of making your own cold brew coffee order, complete with minimal steps and maximum satisfaction. Our cold brew coffee kit – including 8 pods and a Chameleon Cold-Brew mason jar – run for $15.99. Yes, that is 72 ounces of cold brew coffee for $16.00! Serve the final product icy or hot, mixed into any of our recipes, or blended with your favorite milk.


Body BYOB: Be Your Own Barista
Don’t water down your cold brew with regular ice cubes, make your own cold brew cubes using Black Coffee Concentrate.

Coffee cubes have become our favorite in-office staple, and require no expert skills in the kitchen! While you may not find this order on menus, you’ve probably seen it floating around Instagram or viral Facebook foodie videos. Grab your favorite Chameleon Cold-Brew flavor (On-The-Go or Concentrate) and fill the tray. Place it in the freezer for a few hours and add a few cold brew ice cubes to your favorite glass. Dilute the caffeine with a liquid addition and sip on this tasty (and aesthetic pleasing) energizer any afternoon.

These three recipes are only the beginning steps to Be Your Own Barista. Head on over to our recipes page and find something new worth making. Tag your creations on Instagram and Facebook — you may find your pictures posted on our pages!

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