Hero Add Some Buzz to Your Burnout

Add Some Buzz to Your Burnout

With the six-month mark of 2018 quickly approaching, learn how Chameleon Cold-Brew can help keep you fueled for the second-half of the year.

Memorial Day Weekend has come to a close and June 1st is quickly creeping up on the calendar. While some view the summer months as their favorite time of the year, others begin to feel the ever-present burnout. It’s now six months into the new year, your swamped with work, and everyone wants to make plans now that the weather is warm: There’s no excuse to stay inside and hide. We get it – burnout is REAL. Instead of losing your fire, add some Chameleon Cold-Brew buzz and follow our tips to ensure the second half of 2018 can be just as strong as the first.


Yes, you read that correctly: Take a break! When life is moving too fast, the best thing to is pause in order to get your cycle back on track. That pause can be a weekend getaway, an hour outing such as a lunch break outside your daily schedule, or even a ten-minute walk to clear your head. Grab any flavor of our ready to enjoy cold-brew coffees and fuel up in this moment of ease.

Body Add Some Buzz to Your Burnout
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At the end of the day, you wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing if you didn’t love it. Make a list of all of reasons why this is worth it and find your grind. It’s totally normal to have stressful days and question everything. Take a step back and remind yourself why you’re there, what got you there, and how this role right now is preparing you for what’s next.

Body Add Some Buzz to Your Burnout
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Regardless of how much you love your job, everyone needs time outside the office to thrive. Plan a fun activity that doesn’t involve sitting at your desk, such as dinner plans or a happy hour to catch up with friends. Allow your mind to breathe and recharge by doing something that doesn’t involve intense thought. If you’re really looking for a fun-filled night, we suggest crafting one of our delicious cold-brew coffee cocktails. Find a recipe you (and your tastebuds) will thank you for, and enjoy the evening!

Body Add Some Buzz to Your Burnout


The only way to truly move on from burnout is to accept the fact that you, yes you, are burned out. Don’t try to push through the low-energy feelings by piling more to-do’s on yourself. Understand that your band with is limited, your stress is high, and you mentally, physically and emotionally need a recharge.

Body Add Some Buzz to Your Burnout
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While we hate to say we told you so, we actually kind of love it. Remember that list of goals you wrote down at the beginning of the year? It’s time to bring it back and see what you’ve accomplished, and what’s left to conquer. You may remember us telling you how to create attainable goals for the new year, (if not — take a peek here and you’ll remember!) Refresh your mind of what you want to accomplish and figure out what needs to change in order to do so. Feel free to also alter or add new things to this list.

Body Add Some Buzz to Your Burnout

How do you plan on tackling this next half of the year? Is Chameleon Cold-Brew part of your recipe toward success? Let us know by tagging our accounts on either FacebookInstagram or Twitter. Cheers to these final six months of 2018 – you’ve got this!

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