Hero The A to Z of Chameleon Cold-Brew

The A to Z of Chameleon Cold-Brew

Learn all of Chameleon Cold-Brew’s tools, tips, and techniques when it comes to being an organic cold brew coffee brand.

As cold brew connoisseurs, our vocabulary can be confusing to the everyday coffee drinker. Through our recipes, blog posts or even the language on our label, we want to ensure that all makers not only understand our messaging, but can fully connect to our brand. Whether you need a quick definition, or are looking to learn about all-things coffee related , we present to you our Chameleon Cold-Brew A to (almost) Z glossary!


Non-toxic plants and herbs that act as the body’s natural healers, helping reduce physical, chemical, and biological stressors. Some of our favorites (such as turmeric and ashwagandha) can be found in our Adaptogenic Ombré Waffles pictured below!

Body The A to Z of Chameleon Cold-Brew
Three adaptogens that add a touch of color to these cold brew waffles are turmeric, ashwaghanda and cordyceps.


Each of Chameleon Cold-Brew’s products is steeped low and slow with air-roasted, certified organic Arabica beans.


Coffee and caffeine being linked together is nothing new, however many are unsure of how caffeine levels change when referring to cold brew. A cup of Chameleon, on average, holds almost three times the amount of caffeine than a normal cup (talk about a buzz!)

10 oz Ready to Enjoy Cold-Brew: 

Caffeine Content = 230 mg/​10 fl oz

32 oz Black Concentrate and 1 Gallon Bag In Box: 

Caffeine Content = 208 mg/​6 fl oz serving


This process allows for us to work with our farmers through a one-on-one relationship. In doing so, we cut out third-party buyers and sellers and focus on key relationships that help strengthen every part of the cold-brew process.


From bean to bottle, we aim to be resourceful and ignite the #Maker in every customer. We proudly stand by our choice of glass bottles, which we hope encourage Chameleon drinkers to re-use in the best ways possible.

Body The A to Z of Chameleon Cold-Brew
An empty Chameleon Cold-Brew concentrate bottle is the perfect excuse to beautify your home.


The key players in making Chameleon Cold-Brew the coffee brand it is today. We proudly pay a premium price for our beans and as a general rule, we choose to work with farmers that provide their workers with housing, a livable wage, and a reasonable work schedule.


Where bean to brew comes alive! Our coffee farm in Guatemala runs on the Chameleon Cold-Brew commitment of sustainable sourcing.


Whether it’s setting some concentrate on the stove, or pre-heating your mug with hot water, our bottled brew can easily change temperatures to fit whatever you’re in the mood for. Check out our easy steps on how to transition your cold brew into a hot cup of cold brew.


Take your normal afternoon pick-me-up to the next level by adding in a dash of whiskey and a bit of cream.

Body The A to Z of Chameleon Cold-Brew
Craft this tasty treat with our organic, Black Cold Brew On-The-Go.


Chameleon Black Cold Brew On-The-Go

2 oz Irish Whiskey

1 tsp simple syrup

1 oz fresh cream (or Bailey’s Irish Cream)


1. Pour a full bottle of cold-brew coffee in a glass.

2. Add in whiskey & simple syrup.

3. Add fresh cream

4. Stir until smooth and enjoy.


One of our favorite ways to enjoy Chameleon Cold-Brew, either with a splash of ice or made hot! Looking to spice up your go-to coffee order? Try one of our latte recipes below:

  1. Hot Maca Cacao Cold Brew Latte
  2. Elderberry Raspberry Latte
  3. Toasted Coconut Cold Brew Latte
  4. Charcoal Cold Brew Latte
  5. Disco Cold Brew Latte


Whether you’re crushing that 9-to-5 or crafting your skills to jump into the next side hustle, Chameleon Cold-Brew is here to help fuel you every step of the way. We are a coffee made for makers!


Short for nitrogen, this infusing process allows for a fuller, frothier, and fizzier experience. The final product is a cold-brew coffee with a sweet and thick mouthfeel, as well as an ombré-style appearance.

Body The A to Z of Chameleon Cold-Brew
Grab a glass of our nitro brew on tap in various locations across the country.


Chameleon Cold-Brew believes in organic agriculture through and through, which means we take the extra time and energy to make sure each of our products are certified USDA organic.


The latest addition to our Chameleon Cold-Brew crew! Our cold-brew coffee pods are individually wrapped, ready to provide a fresh and fueling buzz wherever you are, whenever you’d like. Simply unwrap a pod, place it in a cup of water, and refrigerate overnight. The result? A super-smooth, low acidic, organic coffee that is completely customizable.

Body The A to Z of Chameleon Cold-Brew
Our coffee pods and kits allow any maker to craft their cup of cold brew just the way they like it.


For all intents and purposes, a coffee expert. When a person passes a comprehensive course set out by the Coffee Quality Institute, they are authorized to use the Q-Grader title. Lucky for us, Chameleon Cold-Brew has our very own in-house Q-grader, Matt Swenson!


Chameleon Cold-Brew is more than just a coffee, we are an everyday, caffeinated staple for whatever your appetite desires. Craving something new in the kitchen? From breakfast bowls to late night cocktails, our recipes page has you covered.


One of the three unique blends from our Whole Bean coffee line, infusing sweet flavors of milk chocolate, cocoa nibs, & ripe cherries. Need to spice up your morning routine? Grab our Single Origin beans and follow this step-by-step brew guide for a delicious pour over.

Our coffee pods and kits allow any maker to craft their cup of cold brew just the way they like it.
One of three flavors available for purchase in our organic, whole bean coffee collection.


All of Chameleon Cold-Brew’s products are vegan, but we like to go the extra mile and showcase unique recipes, using our concentrate coffee, that are vegan as well. Click any of our vegan recipes below and

  1. Vegan Cold Brew Cereal Milk
  2. Vegan Cold Brew Horchata Popsicles
  3. Vegan Cold Brew Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake


Enjoy one of our latest products offered in three, distinct flavors. Our whole bean blends are filled with a top-notch, low acidic Arabica blend perfect when craving a fresh, morning roast.

Body The A to Z of Chameleon Cold-Brew
Our three Chameleon Cold-Brew whole bean flavors are the Day Breaker, Single Origin, and Dark, Black and Bold.
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