A Glimpse into Chameleon Cold-Brew’s New Look hero image

A Glimpse into Chameleon Cold-Brew’s New Look

Chameleon Cold-Brew has a fresh new look inspired by the artisan spirit of our whimsical hometown and our new slogan, ​“coffee made for makers.”

Our obsession is in delivering the perfect coffee experience to you every day. One that energizes your body and taste buds in the most inspiring way possible. With that, we’re excited to introduce a fresh look to our vital cold-brews. Inspired by the signage, murals and artisan spirit of our whimsical hometown, we gave the patterned Dude a makeover with a holographic mosaic that glistens and shines everywhere it goes.

The mosaic is representative of Austin’s myriad of cultures and was designed to embody our new slogan, ​“coffee made for makers.” Much like a mosaic, Chameleon Cold-Brew offers a versatile and personal coffee experience that can be customized to just how the drinker likes it –whether straight-up, lightened, shaken or stirred.

Never underestimate the power of a better coffee experience. One cup of our cold-brew turns a dreamer into a doer and a planner into a creator. Whether you’re a mom or a mechanic, a hippie or a hipster, our Dude has got your back to help you get out there and make the most out of your day.

Our new look speaks directly to the do-it-yourselfers: making things yourself, making coffee just the way you like it, and making the world and community a better place. We support creativity, productivity and sustainability, but most of all we support you. We are coffee made for makers, after all.

We’re growing lighting fast, but we’ll never outgrow our roots. We’re still the same consciously crafted, USDA Certified Organic coffee you’ve always loved, just evolved.

To the makers of the world!

The Chameleon Crew

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