Hero 5 Ways to Keep Caffeine Habits Healthy

5 Ways to Keep Caffeine Habits Healthy

Feel like your coffee habit is unhealthy? Don’t quit just yet! Try out our five tricks to help maintain a healthy relationship with caffeine.

Guzzling down a cup of coffee before heading out the door describes the majority of morning routines. While some hate to admit it, this action gets repeated twice or even three times a day in order to stay energized and on track. But what if I were to tell you this consistent schedule of gulp, work, repeat hurts your body more than it helps?

Avid coffee drinkers have a strong relationship with their cup of joe — one (arguably) stronger than the smell of a fresh Arabica roast. What makes strong relationships last is a healthy balance and desire to change things up every so often.

So instead of insisting on a refill next time your office clock reads 3 PM, try out one of our five tricks to help maintain a healthy relationship with caffeine. You’ll be sure to see the effects of these healthy coffee habits.


Body 5 Ways to Keep Caffeine Habits Healthy
Chameleon Cold-Brew prides itself in being an organic, direct trade coffee.

Ditch the grab-and-go approach and invest some time into researching coffee brands with organic labels. While conventional coffee seems like an easy solution, harmful pesticides and toxic chemicals are just a few substances missing from its lists of ingredients. When in need of a healthy caffeine fix, you can always rely on Chameleon Cold-Brew: both an organic AND direct trade coffee. Organic and direct fair trade labels are a good indicator of beans the will provide you with a cup of healthy coffee.


Body 5 Ways to Keep Caffeine Habits Healthy
Try stopping caffeine intake by early afternoon into order to reap the best benefits.

Ignore the afternoon slump by prepping your mind and body before exhaustion kicks in. Allow ample time for your favorite cup of caffeine to digest so the magic works right when you need it! Bringing caffeine into your routine before craving it allows both physical and mental persistence to shine. (Hint: drinking a cup before a killer workout does wonders!)


Body 5 Ways to Keep Caffeine Habits Healthy
Balance out our cold-brew concentrate with an equal amount of water for the best blend.

Caffeine keeps the creative juices flowing, but water is essential in order to maintain everyday activities. Balance out caffeine intake with a cup of water for every empty mug of coffee, especially in the afternoon. Want to kill two birds with one stone? Ditch the fear of dehydration and exhaustion with a glass of Chameleon Cold-Brew Concentrate: 4 oz. of cold brew and 4 oz. of water. You won’t have to worry about coffee dehydration again!


Body 5 Ways to Keep Caffeine Habits Healthy
Ease into a nap knowing your mind and body will awaken with a power boost.

Drink a cup of coffee before laying down for your mid-afternoon snooze. Contrary to popular belief, caffeine works best an hour after consumption, not immediately after downing a mug. Instead of waking up groggy and dazed, you’ll feel energized and ready to conquer the world — well, at least ready to conquer what’s left on your to-do list.


Cut back on cream and sugar intake by swapping it for a naturally sweet snack! Treats like berries or raw cacao keep your body feeling full, energized and alert without unwanted jitters and crashesChameleon Cold Brew On-The-Go flavors pair perfectly with these naturally sweet, healthy foods… just saying! ;)

A world without caffeine is a dark and scary place, but fortunately, there is no need to quit cold turkey. Try out these healthy coffee habits and pick the one (or even all five!) that work best for your body and schedule. You can reap the benefits of cold brew coffee and coffee in general without unhealthy habits. Every relationship takes work, but with the right mindset and decisions, it can last as long as you wish.

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