Hello We’re Chameleon.

This is our story. It was 2010 in Austin, Texas. Something was brewing. The time was right for a cold-brew coffee revolution. Chris Campbell and Steve Williams, neighbors and self-professed coffee geeks, were hell-bent on creating the best tasting coffee. Best-tasting ever, that is.

The pair experimented for months with different formulas and brewing methods. They tried and tried (and tried), until they achieved the right blend of highly select, perfectly roasted Arabica beans (organic, of course), pure Hill Country water, and brewing time and temperature.


Then, one day, IT HAPPENED. They produced the best coffee they’d ever tasted. It was the perfect batch of cold brew coffee.

Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee was born.

Everyone who tasted it was knocked sideways. From its exceptionally smooth, rich flavor to its dramatically reduced acidity to the jitter-free punch of natural caffeine it provided, this coffee was something rare and special.

Chameleon earned lots of fans, and those fans invented and shared all sorts of ways to make Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee their very own.

More and more happy customers and buyers soon demanded more and more products and flavors and buyers soon demanded more and more products and flavors. We listened and began meticulously testing and tinkering once again. In 2012, we introduced a series of flavored, multi-serving cold brew coffee concentrates and followed with a companion series of single serving, ready-to-drink coffees in 2013.

Chameleon Cold-Brew has grown over the years, but Chris and Steve and their uncompromising standards remain our foundation.

We’re beyond excited

that Chameleon can now be found in a growing number of natural grocers and larger retailers around the country. But we are forever proud of our roots in Austin, Texas. And we still stand behind EVERY BOTTLE.