Coffee Concentrates

We treat every batch with meticulous care, using only the best ingredients and premium packaging to maximize freshness and taste. Our concentrates only get our stamp of approval when we believe they’re perfect. So pick up a bottle, and enjoy each drink a different way – straight up or diluted, hot or iced, black or creamy, sweet or not.


Black Coffee

Our original Black Coffee is a custom roast of Central/South American 100% organic, Fair Trade coffees for a deliciously smooth coffee experience. The “OC” (Original Chameleon) is like your best friend: classic, awesome, tried and true.



It’s amazing what just a touch of cocoa extract will do to highlight the chocolate notes already found in our original blend. Give this baby a try and taste for yourself – it’s chocolaty and smooth to the last drop.



We took our trademark blend of coffee, roast and water and added just a hint of vanilla to it. Our Vanilla Coffee concentrate is a surprisingly light and balanced coffee that’s equally enjoyable hot or cold, straight or sweet, light or dark.

Ready-To-Drink Coffees

We’ve mastered the flavor and caffeine levels in our single servings using the same uncompromising standards and care found in our concentrates. It’s the Chameleon Cold-Brew you know and love, with a just-right jolt, now available in 10oz. bottles. They’re perfect for home, office, on-the-go, or any time you need a Chameleon Cold-Brew!


Black Coffee

It took some time, but we did it. We took our original blend, struck the perfect balance of flavor and strength and produced the purest, tastiest ready-to-drink black coffee around! Now you can truly take our Black Coffee anywhere you need to go.




Our Mocha Coffee is our original 100% organic, Fair Trade cold-brew coffee with an added touch of sweetened chocolate for a decadent, vibrant, low-acid coffee. This Chameleon is dangerous, at only 20 calories. Boom!



A hint of lightly sweetened vanilla gives our original 100% organic, fair trade cold-brew coffee an extra special, bright but smooth cold-brewed finish. This dude may be vanilla, but he’s definitely not plain. (See what we did there?)