Cold-Brew U

Truth is, when it comes to cold-brewing coffee, there’s not much to separate an intro class from a master course. That’s not to say it’s easy. The components are simple, but all cold-brews are not created equal.

A growing number of products pass as cold-brew on the shelf but fall short of the head of the class.

At Chameleon Cold-Brew, we don’t believe in ‘good enough’ or doing anything on a pass/fail basis. We go to great lengths to ensure that every drop of our cold-brew coffee is the very best you’ll ever taste. It’s about accountability, to you and to our craft.

Let’s break it down on the big board…

Invest in quality. Our coffees are made with highly select blends of 100% certified organic, free trade Arabica beans and all-natural flavors.

One roast doesn’t fit all. We tailor-roast all our beans on-site, to maximize freshness, match specific flavor profiles and ensure consistency.

It’s all about purity and pH… and some other science you probably don’t really care about. We use only pure Texas Hill Country water.

12 hours is the standard, but we brew every batch of Chameleon Cold-Brew for at least 16 hours. Who wants “standard” coffee?

“Low and slow” is the key. Using hot water is so 15th century! Cold-brewing results in a smooth, highly caffeinated and less acidic coffee.

Glass! Aluminum introduces foreign flavor to coffee. Our glass bottles are clear, so everyone can see the purity and beauty of our product.

So, what does it take to do cold-brew right? If you answered “all of the above,” give yourself a gold star. The rest of you have homework: Get some Chameleon Cold-Brew and taste the difference!